Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Everyday November

Everyday November

Everyday November by indymorris featuring distressed jeans

My start to my November. Complete with thigh length boots, fur and a fedora. Oh and must not forget the trip involving great amounts of tea, cake and Christmas Decorations. A trip out to a local-ish garden centre who sells the most lovely christmas decs and has amazing xmas displays. Of course i have started the hunt for my decs, today i returned home with a sparkly dangling moose and sparkling deer, now i am moved into my new home with my boyfriend,  all finally decorated and exited for all new christmas stuff! 

I have re created my look on Polyvore with my wish version of a 'what i wore'. Tonight i started to watch 'E!'s new show 'fashion bloggers' some girls are the girls who's blog i check daily and some of the girls were new to me, which i love, i always love looking for new blogs for inspiration for not only to better mine, which i have totally neglected due to life getting in the way! But also everyday what to wear and just he sheer pleasure of looking at the lovely women's lives and wardrobes.

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