Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nasty Gals Do It Better

Interview with founder of Nastygal.com which is a website store i absolutely love and am regularly checking the job vacancy page to make a swift move to L.A. A girl can dream. I love the way she started out and to me i find it inspiring as to where she has ended up. Something that i can dream of.


  1. i swear me and you have all the same girl crushes/idols! i love this girl, i wish there was someone like her in the uk so we can have an english nasty gal! xx

  2. haha twinnies!! Shes brill isnt she! I know when ive ordered from Nasty Gal i've always got other people involved on the order so its cheaper for postage! Need to pitch the UK Nasty Gal idea to her! xxx