Thursday, 12 July 2012

Latest finds

These few items have been my newest purchases/finds. I'm trying to save my money at the moment, but never the less being a clothes addict it seems i am not good at saving! 
Anyway i took a trip to the Trafford Centre today with a good friend to get the last few holiday bits we want as we are going a week on Monday, can't f-ing wait!! I saw these trousers' and could not say no to them, especially at 10 Pounds! so had to have those babies, also the pineapple ring is new, also from Topshop, also a steal at 2.50! The hoops i have been craving for a while now, also just cheapies from H&M. Now the eye-shadows are also a steal and 1 pound each!! I
 came across this MUA brand when a blogger (i cant remember which) had done a section on them saying how good they are, so i noticed them in Superdrug and now i have quite a collection of the MUA stuff, i personally think its great! You can't really go wrong if something is only costing you a pound, just chuck it if its no good! I have had eye-shadow's from them and i think they are great, the colour lasts well and the colors are good for me, so i guess thats all you need in an eye-shadow.

I have had a few lipsticks by them too, which are also good, the colour is strong but i must say the formula is a little on the greasy side but i don't not like it! Also a bronzer, which i picked up in a rush so is a little too orange and glittery for me.

Now finally for the Army jacket. I was wanting to get my hands on one for the shoot i did below. But scoured the local Market and couldn't find one, stupidly should have checked what i had at home first! Little to what i knew someone in my house has one in out coat wardrobe!! No-one has claimed it so i am taking it as mine!! A GREAT thrifty home-find! I love it!

Here is something as an early weekend gift to feed your hungry ears; A mix from the Aritzia soundcloud page which i am enjoying as we speak! Hope you do too! Just click this link!!


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