Sunday, 8 July 2012

Supreme Dream

My Saturday night was another night spent with my beautiful friend Polly. We sat, drank and watched endless videos of Jay-Z and Kanye. Then drank some more. Always a super time with this lady. My outfit choice was inspired by the one and only Fresh Prince. Recently i have been loving the tshirt/skirt combo. My Supreme T arrived that morning so chose that with the hawaiian print skirt from river Island. Paired with my Zara heels, a vintage bracelet, rings from Topshop and a Vintage handbag.

I spent the majority of my afternoon doing my nails, i've decided to tap into the feline pointed nail trend and gone all out and given myself some nail art pretty cray/garish pointed long nails, but i happen to really love them. The cat app on my IPhone is something i squealed at delight in finding, its called CatWang and it is the shit.

What do you think to the pointed nail trends? Love or Loathe?

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