Friday, 11 November 2011

See me

See me

I NEED a half decent pair of good looking sunglasses, these i find are all to die for, shame i cant afford them, so for now i will carry on my hunt for some from the highstreet (the worst timing to find high street sunglasses) or maybe i will have to take advantage of Father Christmas and put a pair on with wishlist.
I have also been hearing alot about Karen Walker sunglasses but i dont know much about her, so now i will go and do some research because all of ther sunglasses seem to be amazing!

Hunting for a pair of glasses somewhere between the cat eye and John Lennon look is tricky for a round faced lady like myself, Also finding a pair which arnt to ridiculous for everyday wear, as when i think of cat eye i think of the Kardashians, which isnt nesscerarlty such a bad thing, i just dont think i belong to that clan, no matter how much i may want too....

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